AI for Education Leaders

Naavik Fellows Program

Empowering Educational Leaders to Navigate AI and Curriculum Innovation

The Naavik Fellowship Program is designed to equip Deans and senior leaders of Schools of Education with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into teacher education curricula. "Naavik" is Hindi for navigator and highlights the crucial role of leaders in helping their institutions adapt to the shifting education ecosystems. This program aims to foster innovation, adapt to evolving educational paradigms, and address the unique challenges of Asian education systems. The fellowship will explore recent theories on cognition and adaptive leadership, focusing on their application to AI-enabled learning and teaching. 

Program Structure:

Module 1: Foundations of AI in Education



Module 2: Practicum in Home Institutions

Duration: 6 weeks

Location: Fellows' home institutions

Objective: To allow the fellows to prototype the application of AI-enabled learning and adaptive leadership principles in their contexts. Fellows are expected the engage their home institutions in co-creating and prototyping draft AI-ready curricula. 



Module 3: Advanced AI Applications and Leadership Strategies

Duration: 2 days (in-person)

Location:  DLSU Animo Labs

Objective: To deepen understanding of advanced AI applications and refine leadership strategies for driving change.



Module 4: Prototyping Experimental Curricula/Seminars thru Eduimpact Lab at Home Institutions



Module 5: Presentation and Reflection

Duration: 1 day (in-person)

Location: DLSU Aninmo Labs

Objective: To present final projects, share experiences, and reflect on the fellowship journey.



Selected Theoretical Frameworks:

Cognition and Knowledge:

Adaptive Leadership:

Application and Selection:


Selection Criteria:

Program Fee: 

P20,000 for individuals 

P30,000 for teams of up to 5 individuals from the same institution (Only 2 selected team members may participate in in-person events. Other team members will participate in all modules online.)

*Fees for in-person participants do not include meals and accommodation.

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